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Report of the Special Investigative Commission

Senate Bill 229

Clarifies and identifies those individuals who are considered to be in a position of trust Creates a new criminal statute for people who are in a position of trust or authority and sexually abuse children

Senate Bill 232

Ensures that when an action to revoke or suspend a license occurs at a professional hearing, the decision is implemented immediately

Senate Bill 233

Requires the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline to establish new guidelines, within one year, for the imposition of disciplinary actions

Senate Bill 275

Creates additional requirements for service letters or references for doctors applying for a Delaware license Protects individuals from lawsuits who make a good faith effort to honestly report or file service letters Requires the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline to verify that applicants are not listed on Child Abuse or Adult Abuse Registries

Senate Bill 296

Changes the name of the “Board of Medical Practice” to the “Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline” Increases the number of public members on the Board Provides the Board with the ability to expedite suspensions of medical licenses when the public’s safety is threatened Gives the Board the additional authority to obtain information from peer review panels, operated within each of Delaware’s hospitals

Senate Bill 297

Increases civil penalties for persons or entities who fail to report child abuse

Senate Bill 298

Defines unprofessional conduct, including failure of the duty to report Increases the fines for failure to report unprofessional conduct by a physician

House Bill 456

Identifies when a chaperone is required when a child is being treated by a physician: When the person being treated is age 15 or younger When the child is undergoing certain intimate examinations

House Bill 457

Requires that doctors, policemen, and others with enforcement authority receive training in: Recognizing Child Abuse Reporting Child Abuse

House Bill 458

Changes licensure process for physicians to include background checks similar to what is required of teachers and other professionals working with children Requires all physicians to be fingerprinted

House Bill 459

Strengthens and improves the oversight and reporting of unprofessional conduct by the Board of Medical Practice

House Bill 485

Improves communication and reporting among and between state agencies