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Tunnell Cancer Center Annual Report 2009-2010

Tunnell Cancer Center Annual Report 2009-2010

Photos of breast cancer survivors taking part in the Sharing Our Stories, Saving Our Sisters program.

SOS2 Sharing Our Stories, Saving Our Sisters

This past year, thanks to a grant from the Philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, a group of breast cancer survivors are reaching into minority and underserved communities where mortality rates are high from cancer to educate women about breast cancer and to urge them to get mammograms. These “navigators” are taking part in the program called “Sharing Our Stories, Saving Our Sisters” (SOS2), which is based at Tunnell Cancer Center. They are giving of their time as volunteers to make sure that women who cannot afford a mammogram or who know nothing about breast cancer and the potential for survival with early diagnosis will have the opportunity to be screened and to receive treatment in a timely manner. SOS2 pays for the mammogram and other necessary diagnostic tests. If a woman is diagnosed with cancer, Tunnell Cancer Center will help her enroll in the Delaware Cancer Program, which pays for cancer treatment for eligible Delaware residents. Susan G. Komen For The Cure Logo