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Tunnell Cancer Center Annual Report 2009-2010

Tunnell Cancer Center Annual Report 2009-2010

Services & Collaborative Relationships
Genetic Counseling

Tunnell Cancer Center offers its patients and their families genetic counseling services through an agreement with the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center at Christiana Care Health System. It is estimated that about 10 percent of all cancers are hereditary. Through genetic testing and risk assessments, personalized cancer screening and prevention guidelines can be established for individual families that can help reduce the incidence and mortality from cancer. Genetic testing offers the opportunity to identify high-risk families and tailor screening and management recommendations to prevent or detect cancer at an early stage, which improves cure and survival rates.

Zohra J. Ali-Khan Catts, MS, CGC, Director of Cancer Genetic Counseling, or one of her three team members visit Tunnell Cancer Center once a week to consult with patients. Through these consultations, an assessment can determine whether a family may have a genetic cancer syndrome and if genetic testing is appropriate. Based on the family history, they are also able to identify if appropriate genetic research studies are available. Over the past year, 129 Tunnell Cancer Center patients took part in the genetic counseling program.

Photo of the founders of the Sussex County Cancer Survivors FundNeil and Bevann Kubala, both Beebe employees, and Kenny Hopkins, Frank Shade, Betty Streett, and Jackie Sopa have founded the Sussex County Cancer Survivors Fund to benefit cancer survivors.
Collaborative Relationships

Tunnell Cancer Center and its staff have kept open the channels of communication with other organizations that support cancer patients and survivors. Staff members each year participate in events such as the East Sussex Relay for Life and the Miracle Mile, annual walks that raise funds for the fight against cancer and serve as a reminder to patients, their families, and their survivors that they are not alone.

Several local organizations have formed over the years to support Tunnell Cancer Center and its patients. Tunnell Cancer Center has kept in close contact with these organizations to continually meet the needs of its patients and their families. The Jean & Joan Fund was established more than 11 years ago to support Tunnell Cancer Center patients. The organization has raised funds at an annual golf tournament at the Kings Creek Country Club. By the end of the year the organization had raised and donated more than $310,000 since its inception. Annual golf tournaments have proven to be popular ways in which the community has raised funds for Tunnell Cancer Center. Members of the Cripple Creek Golf and Country Club established a Progress for Prostate Charity Golf Tournament that has supported prostate cancer screenings and community awareness programs. Baywood Greens members established the Classic at Baywood Greens Charity Golf Tournament that has encouraged residents and businesses throughout the community to offer philanthropic support to Tunnell Cancer Center. The Sussex County Cancer Survivors Fund, a Rehoboth Beach-based organization, formed in October 2008 to raise money for Tunnell Cancer Center’s Patient Special Needs Fund. This organization has partnered with many other organizations around the county.

Photo of the Jean & Joan Fund's check presenation to the Tunnell Cancer CenterThe Jean & Joan Fund committee presents a check for $28,000 to Beebe Medical Center’s Tunnell Cancer Center. Standing (l to r) are Gary Wheeler, Kings Creek Country Club Clubhouse Manager; Mitt Murray; Tillie McHugh, Secretary Jean & Joan Fund; Jim Martin, Chairman Jean & Joan Fund; Jeffrey M. Fried, President and CEO, Beebe Medical Center; Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf; and Cherrie Rich, Executive Director of Oncology Services at Beebe Medical Center.

Tunnell Cancer Center also keeps in close contact with national, state, and local organizations that have put the battle of cancer at the forefront. In addition to its close ties with the Christiana Care Health System Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, Tunnell Cancer Center also supports efforts by the American Cancer Center. Tunnell Cancer Center staff collaborates with Wellness Communities—Delaware, which provides professionally led programs of emotional support, education, and hope as an integral part of conventional medical treatment. Wellness Communities operates its local office in the same building that houses the Tunnell Cancer Center.

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Inc. is another organization with which Tunnell Cancer Center remains connected. This Wilmington-based nonprofit is focused on raising awareness about early detection and treatment of breast cancer. It also is one of many organizations in Delaware committed to fighting cancer.

Photo of Progress for Prostate Charity Golf Tournament committee membersProgress for Prostate Charity Golf Tournament committee member Bill Haughey, Honorary Chair Sarah Brady, and co-chairs Cindy Szabo and Drew Walls enjoy the flowers at Baywood Greens.

Another is Screening for Life, a program of Delaware’s Division of Public Health that provides free diagnostic screenings for breast, cervical, and colon cancers for women who meet age, income, and insurance guidelines. Beebe Medical Center’s Community Health nurses, financial services representatives, and Tunnell Cancer Center staff encourage eligible applicants to participate in the Screening for Life program, which supports the early detection of cancer.

Additional Services

Jean & Joan New Reflections Center Library & Wig Bank Genetic testing Help in finding financial aid Nutritional consulting with a certified professional who specializes in cancer care Mastectomy prosthesis fittings by Peninsula Home Health Care, Inc. Wig consulting by Today’s Hair Transportation