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Woman walking her dog outside.There are many reasons you might be feeling leg pain or fatigue. One common issue is with your veins or arteries - your vascular or circulatory system. If there are problems within our veins, our legs have their own way of telling us about it.

Dr. Sean Ryan, board certified vascular surgeon with Beebe Vascular and Beebe Vein Center, talks about your risk factors for vein disease and how to know when it might be time for you to visit a vein clinic.

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Should you have a vein screening?

More than 40 million Americans suffer from pain and swelling in their legs that is the result of inefficient blood circulation. Even when varicose veins appear, most people don’t realize they could have what is medically termed as ‘venous insufficiency,’ or ‘chronic venous disease.’

Can You Prevent Spider Veins?

“In a healthy person, blood flows into the legs from the heart through arteries, and returns to the heart through veins. However, if the walls of the veins have been weakened, or the valves within the veins have been damaged, the blood does not flow easily back to the heart, thus causing pain, swelling, redness, and even sores that don’t heal in the legs,” said Sean Ryan, MD, board certified vascular surgeon with Beebe Vein Center.

Overtime, these ongoing issues can lead to blood clots and other serious and chronic circulatory problems. However, it can be difficult to know when it is time to visit a vein center. Dr. Ryan suggests first taking note of your risk factors and then determining how often pain or soreness is interfering with your life.

Some risk factors include:

  • Mature age and family history of vein disease
  • Women are more at risk
  • Pregnancy increases risk
  • Obesity increases risk
  • Those who stand or sit for long periods of time are more at risk.

The Beebe Vein Center in Lewes offers free vein screenings with an experienced vein team who will provide a personalized treatment plan to improve blood flow and improve quality of life for those with vein disease.

Dr. Ryan encourages anyone who has the following ongoing issues to make an appointment or call to sign up for the next free vein screening:

  • Aching, cramping, heaviness and redness in legs
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Wounds on the legs and ankles that are slow to heal
  • Skin color changes around the ankles

Make an appointment: Call (302) 703-9300.