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Orthopaedic Care Keeps You Moving

People throughout Sussex County have regained their strength and mobility thanks to the care and treatment that Beebe’s Orthopaedic Services provide. Thousands are enjoying life today with new hips and knees. An untold number of summer visitors and residents have been treated in Beebe’s Emergency Department by orthopaedic surgeons following accidents and injuries where bones have been broken or dislocated and soft tissue has been torn.

For the ninth year in a row (2007–2015), Beebe has received the Orthopaedic Surgery Excellence Award from Healthgrades®, the organization that provides the public with information about hospitals and physicians. Healthgrades also named Beebe among the Top 10% in the nation for Overall Orthopaedic Services for 9 Years in a Row (2007–2015).

Orthopaedic Surgeon John Spieker, MD, with patient

A Minimally Invasive Approach to Hip Replacement Makes Recovery Faster

Orthopaedic surgeon Edmund Carroll, III, DO, this year introduced to Beebe a less invasive surgical technique to total hip replacement called “the direct anterior approach.” This technique supports Beebe’s continuing focus on expanding minimally invasive surgical techniques when they can be a viable option for the patient. This less invasive approach can provide the patient with less pain, a faster recovery, and less chance for a joint dislocation following surgery.

In the traditional approach, which Dr. Carroll also uses and which is still the most common approach, a surgeon makes an incision in the patient’s side or back to access the hip. In the direct anterior approach, the incision is made in front of the hip, with the patient lying on his or her back.

“In the direct anterior approach, muscle and tendons are not divided or detached, significantly reducing the surgical soft-tissue trauma,” Dr. Carroll explains. “This allows the most important muscles for hip function to remain undisturbed, providing the patient with an opportunity for a shorter recovery process and more rapid return to preoperative function.”

This direct anterior approach dates back to the 1940s but has become repopularized with surgeons in recent years because of the advent of new technology and instrumentation, and the development of a new surgical table called the Hana® table, which Beebe has purchased. Dr. Carroll points out that neither approach is superior to the other; the choice of which one to use depends on the situation.

Five of Beebe’s 11 orthopaedic surgeons, including Dr. Carroll, perform traditional hip replacement procedures. They are: 

  • Mark Boytim, MD
  • Edmund Carroll, III, DO
  • Wilson Choy, MD
  • Paul Harriott, MD
  • David Sopa, DO

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