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Beebe Medical Center, Inc. Board of Directors

David A. Herbert, Chairman
Terry A. Megee, Vice Chair
David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, Beebe President & CEO
Richard A. Schaffner, Jr., Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer
Paul T. Cowan, Jr., DO, Treasurer
Gregory A. Bahtiarian, DO
James W. Bartle
Wilson C. Choy, MD
R. Michael Clemmer
Frank Czerwinski
Daniel Cuozzo, DO
Andrew W. Dahlke, MD
Stephen M. Fanto, MD
Mouhanad Freih, MD
R. Christian Hudson
Janet B. McCarty
Michael A. Meoli
Paul C. Peet, MD
Wesley E. Perkins
Anis K. Saliba, MD
Eric C. Sugrue
Christopher J. Weeks
Michael L. Wilgus
Jacquelyn O. Wilson, Ed.D.

Emeritus Members

Joseph R. Hudson, Chairman Emeritus
Paul H. Mylander

Beebe Medical Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

R. Christian Hudson, Chairman
Charles L. Burton, Vice Chair
Paul Pernice, CPA, Treasurer
Cindy L. Szabo, Esq., Secretary
Jack N. Berberian
Jennifer Carroll
David A. Herbert, Beebe Healthcare Board of Directors Chair
Lyndie Hertrich
The Honorable Gerald W. Hocker
Lynn Kokjohn
The Honorable William Swain Lee
Nancy Levenson
S. Keith Parsell
Ann Raskauskas
Scott W. Royal
Khalil Saliba
David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, Beebe President & CEO
Paul G. Townsend
Mindi M. Tunnell

Board of Ambassador Member:
Bradley L. Travis, Chair, Board of Ambassadors

Emeritus Members
The Honorable Theodore W. Becker
Joseph R. Hudson
Robert H. Moore
Paul H. Mylander, Chairman Emeritus

Beebe Medical Group Board of Directors

Daniel Cuozzo, DO, Chair
Maria V. Haldar, MD, Vice Chair
Bobby Gulab, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President, Beebe Medical Group, Secretary
Paul J. Pernice, CPA, Treasurer
Ercilia E. Arias, MD
Paul T. Cowan, Jr., DO
David A. Herbert, Beebe Healthcare Board of Directors Chair
George Kluchnik, MD
Delbert J. Kwan, MD
Anis K. Saliba, MD
David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, Beebe President & CEO

Delmarva Health Network, LLC Board of Managers

Jeffrey E. Hawtof, MD, Interim Chair
J. Kirkland Beebe, MD, Vice Chair
Lisa Bartels, MD
Mark J. Boytim, MD
Kevin D. Bristowe, MD
Bobby Gulab, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President, Beebe Medical Group
Julie Holmon, MD
Richard D. Pack
R. Alberto Rosa, MD
David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, Beebe President & CEO

Medical Executive Committee

Paul C. Peet, MD, Chairman and President of the Medical Staff
Alberto R. Rosa, MD, Vice President of the Medical Staff
Ehtasham Qureshi, MD, Secretary of the Medical Staff
Kevin D. Bristowe, MD, Treasurer of the Medical Staff
Rick Schaffner, Interim CEO, Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer
Jeffrey E. Hawtof, MD, Vice President Medical Operations and Informatics
David Herbert, Board of Directors

Members elected for 2-year term
Nicholas Perchiniak, MD
Michael Sofronski, MD
Joydeep Haldar, MD
Julie Holmon, MD
Michael Ramjattansingh, MD
Eric D. Stancofski, MD
George Kluchnik, MD
Mouhanad Freih, MD
Erin Fletcher, DO

Non-Voting Members

Michael Ingerski, MD, Anesthesiology Department Chair
Robert Wiltshire, MD, Anesthesiology Department Vice Chair
Georges Dahr, MD, Cardiology Department Chair
Ehtasham Qureshi, MD, Cardiology Department Vice Chair
Paul Cowan, DO, Emergency Medicine Department Chair
Joydeep Haldar, MD, Emergency Medicine Department Vice Chair
Kevin D. Bristowe, MD, Emergency Medicine Department Medical Director
Matthew Tulloch, MD, Family Practice Department Chair
Amy Robinson, MD, Family Practice Department Vice Chair
Afshin Adili-Khams, MD, Medicine Department Chair
Kristie Zangari, DO, Medicine Department Vice Chair
Adeline Nukuna, MD, OB/GYN Department Chair
Angela Caswell-Monack, DO, OB/GYN Department Vice Chair
Xiaoli Chen, MD, Pathology Department Chair
Erin Fletcher, DO, Pediatrics Department Chair
Nancy Gideon, MD, Pediatrics Department Vice Chair
Michael Ramjattansingh, MD, Radiology Department Chair
Ellen Bahtiarian, MD, Radiology Department Vice Chief
James Spellman, Jr., MD, Surgery Department Chief
Edmund Carroll, DO, Surgery Department Vice Chief

Executive Staff

David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, Beebe President & CEO
Rick Schaffner, Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer
Tom Protack, Beebe Medical Foundation President
Bobby Gulab, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Beebe Medical Group
Catherine C. Halen, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Jeffrey E. Hawtof, MD, FAAFP, Vice President, Chief Medical Operations and Informatics Officer
Marcy Jack, Esq., JD, BSN, CPHRM, Vice President, Chief Quality and Safety Officer
Bruce Leshine, Esq., Vice President, Chief Legal Officer
Mark Loukides, Vice President, Facilities and Environment of Care
Michael J. Maksymow, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Paul J. Pernice, CPA, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Steven D. Rhone, RN, MS, NE-BC, FABC, Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer
Joan Thomas, Vice President, Continuum of Care and Administrator of Home Care Services
Kurt Wehberg, MD, Vice President, Clinical Innovation