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Beebe Healthcare is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare facility. It is hospital policy that no one will be denied medically necessary hospital services based upon the patient's ability to pay for those services. A public notice of the availability of financial assistance will be visible within the hospital and on our website. Beebe will comply with all federal, state, and contractual laws, regulations, and requirements.

Your Partner in Health

The patient or guarantor has the ultimate financial responsibility for care received from Beebe Healthcare. Beebe will cooperate and assist all patients in the fulfillment of their financial responsibility. This cooperation includes payment arrangements, assistance with enrollment in public or private insurance programs, charity-based programs, financial assistance programs, or other third-party programs. Patients have the responsibility to provide timely and accurate information when seeking consideration under the Beebe Healthcare Charity and Financial Assistance Policy.

Charity Discount Program

To make sure patients who live in Beebe Healthcare’s designated service area do not go without needed medical care, Beebe offers a Charity Assistance Program to qualifying patients.

The focus of the Affordable Care Act is to provide affordable insurance for all. Due to federal mandates patients must first apply for insurance and provide proof of eligibility under the ACA prior to applying for Beebe’s financial assistance program. In certain circumstances there are patients who are ineligible or exempt from Insurance requirements under the Affordable Care Act or who are determined to be unable to pay existing Beebe balances under our payment plan guidelines and may need assistance on qualifying balances.

It is easy to determine if you may be eligible to receive a full or partial Charity Discount from Beebe Healthcare by referencing the Charity Discount Table below.

If you determine your income is within the Charity guidelines and you would like to apply for Charity Assistance, please reference our online policy and application process via the buttons below or call 302-645-3546 to assist you in the preparation of a Charity Assistance Application.

With the approval of your application, Beebe Healthcare will make the appropriate adjustment to any of your account(s) that may qualify, so that further collection activity is avoided.

Additional Programs

Beebe also works with patients currently approved for Delaware Medicaid or Delaware Health Care Connection and Screening for Life Programs.