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Uninsured or Under Insured Payment Policy

Charity and financial aid

Uninsured, Under insured patients, or patients who designate themselves as self-pay at time of registration and do not qualify under the Charity Policy or Financial Assistance Policy, may be offered a discount of 15% of billed charges if the claim is paid within 30 days from the date of the first billing statement. (Exclusions may exist based on specific 3rd party payer or insurance contract agreements)

Charity Policy

Uninsured or Under insured patients with family income up to 200% of the current Federal Poverty Level may be eligible for participation in the hospital's charity program unless specific exclusion are noted. Cumulative patient balances greater than $300 may be deemed to be hospital charity. A patient may be deemed ineligible under the Charity Policy if, in the judgment of Beebe Healthcare, the patient is eligible for Medicaid, the Insurance Market Place or other third-party reimbursement programs and refuses to apply for those benefits or has disposable assets that exceed $7,500 per household. Approval of the Beebe Financial Assistance program will remain in effect for a period up to one year unless eligibility changes.

Individual eligibility will be determined by proof of income and additional required documents as determined through:

  • Pay stubs or required income documents
  • Tax return from most recent year (mandatory requirement)
  • Certification or Self Attestation of ineligibility or exemption from Insurance Market Place mandate per the Affordable Care Act (for applications after 2/1/15)
  • Investment Statements
  • Bank Statements from two most recent months
  • Written statements from employer attesting to income
  • Proof of residency as verified by Delaware driver's license and resident utility bills

Designated Service Areas

To enable Beebe to better support the healthcare needs of the community, below are the designated service areas:

19930 Bethany Beach
19939 Dagsboro
19941 Ellendale
19944 Fenwick Island
19945 Frankford
19947 Georgetown
19951 Harbeson
19958 Lewes
19960 Lincoln
19963 Milford
19966 Millsboro/Long Neck
19967 Millville
19968 Milton
19969 Nassau
19970 Ocean View/Clarksville
19971 Rehoboth Beach/Dewey Beach
19975 Selbyville

  • Residency requirements may be waived in the event of medical emergencies and approved oncology services.
  • Enrollees approved in the Health Care Connection (formerly CHAP), or Delaware Medicaid Programs are granted coverage under the Beebe Charity Care Policy for any patient balances upon completion of required application and after appropriate fee schedule payments or discounts are applied.
  • LaRed designated patient referrals may be eligible.

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial assistance in the form of a debt payment plan will be offered to eligible patients whose family income exceeds 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. The hospital will work with the patient to develop an affordable, interest-free payment schedule. A charity discount of 50% of billed charges will be granted to qualified persons with family incomes between 200% and 300% of Federal Poverty Level who complete the application for financial assistance and participate in a payment plan. A charity discount of 40% of billed charges will be granted to qualified persons with family income between 300% and 400% of Federal Poverty Level who participate in a payment plan.

Beebe Healthcare will not require debt payment that forces a family, either insured or uninsured, into "medical indigency" as defined by Beebe's calculation of "medical indigency" based upon income and assets.

A patient may be deemed ineligible under the policy if the patient has cumulative patient balances less than $300 or has disposable assets that exceed $7,500 per household.

Beebe Healthcare will not charge patients who are eligible for financial assistance more than the amounts generally billed (AGB) to insured patients for emergency or medically necessary care.

Notice of Financial Assistance Beebe's mission is to provide quality care to all who need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It is our hospital policy that no one will be denied medically necessary hospital and/or medical group services based upon the patient's ability to pay for those services.

If you are ineligible or exempt from Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act or may need assistance with balances after Insurance and worry that you may not be able to pay for part or all of your hospital care, Beebe provides financial assistance to patients residing within Beebe's primary service area based upon income and financial need. In addition, we may be able to help you to receive government-sponsored health insurance, or work with you to arrange a manageable payment plan.

Federal and state law requires all hospitals to seek payment for care provided. This means we could ultimately turn unpaid bills over to a collection agency. Therefore, it is important that you let us know if you may have a problem paying your bill, or if you have any questions or concerns about paying your bill.

Some Beebe related provider services will be billed separately from the hospital, and you will need to contact the providers regarding possible financial assistance. If you receive a bill from the following associated providers, please give them a call regarding their individual financial policies:

  • Allied Diagnostic Pathology Consultant
  • Delmarva Radiation Services
  • Sussex Emergency Associates
  • Delaware Anesthesia Associates
  • Southern Delaware Imaging Associates

The Beebe Healthcare Financial Assistance program will remain in effect for up to a period of one year from your approval date based on eligibility status. If you are currently active under CHAP/HCC or Delaware Medicaid Program you may remain active under Beebe's program until your Health Care Connection (HCC formerly CHAP) or Medicaid Program expires or until eligibility changes.

For more information on Beebe’s Policy please contact a Financial Counselor in the Patient Financial Services department at 302-645-3546. All information you provide to Beebe is considered confidential.

We can mail you an application or you may pick one up at: Patient Financial Services, 431 Savannah Road, Lewes, DE 19958.

To speak with a Health Care Connection (HCC formerly CHAP) Health Promotion Advocate please call 211 or 302-744-1040. Screening for Life and Health Care Connection (HCC formerly CHAP) are Programs for uninsured Delaware residents who meet specific requirements. The programs are administered by the Delaware Health Care Commission.

If you determine you may meet the requirements of the program and prefer to apply on-line, please complete the Financial Assistance Application available for download below. This application is available in both English and Spanish, and will forward to our email address [email protected] upon completion.

Please note that applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Final determination can only be made with your assistance and the timely receipt of required documentations as noted in the policy.

Next Steps

Before you complete the application below, please verify you have everything using one of these checklists: