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Family Medicine Providers: Be Confident in Your Care

Beebe family medicine physicians and advanced practice providers are accepting new patients for primary care. Our offices are conveniently located throughout Southern Delaware for your convenience.

Schedule your appointment today: 302-645-3332.

What is a Primary Care Physician?

Primary Care Physicians (PCP) or primary care providers are medical professionals who often serve as your first point of care in non-emergency situations. This should be the doctor or provider you visit yearly for your regular health assessment. Often, these physicians or advanced practice providers (APPs) specialize in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatric medicine, or general practice. They provide first-hand care for their patients both in wellness and in illness.

Your primary care provider provides preventative care, teaches healthy lifestyle choices, identifies and treats common medical conditions, assesses the urgency of a patient's medical problems, directs patients to the best place for their care, and refers and helps coordinate referrals to medical specialists when  necessary.

What does a Primary Care Provider Do?

Your primary care doctor or provider provides:

  • Provides preventative care
  • Teaches healthy lifestyle choices
  • Identifies and treats common medical conditions
  • Assesses the urgency of a patient's medical problems
  • Directs patients to the best place for their care
  • Refers and helps coordinate referrals to medical specialists when necessary.

Primary Care Providers

Which Provider Should I See?

Primary Care Providers are your first point of care in your health journey. When deciding on a primary care provider, you could choose a physician certified in family medicine or internal medicine. Or, you could choose a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Choosing the right provider for you can be a personal journey. You may want to consider what type of provider is right for you by considering the following:

  • Would you prefer family medicine or internal medicine? Both have qualifications to serve as your primary care provider, but you might have a strong feeling on which type you prefer.
  • What type of provider sees patients close to you. Your top goal might be to have a provider who is accepting patients close to where you live.
  • You might prefer an advanced practice provider, such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.
  • You might want to consider which provider has a personality that matches your own or someone whose background and training aligns with your personal health journey.

You can find out more information about all of our providers in the online Find a Doctor section here.

Telemedicine: See Your Provider From Home

In addition to safety measures for in-person visits, patients will also be able to have a telemedicine appointment instead of coming into the office. Talk to your physician office to learn more. Learn more.

Beebe Medical Group also offers online scheduling for same-day appointments. If you need to be seen today, click the button below to schedule an in-person appointment at one of our Walk-In Care locations or schedule an online Virtual Visit.

Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Questions Answered

Dr. John Hale of Beebe Medical Group wants to make sure everyone who is on Medicare has their Annual Wellness Visit with their family doctor. Beebe has a number of family doctors and providers accepting new patients. To set up an appointment, call 302-645-3332.

The Medicare Annual Visit is a great way to discuss your current and future health with your care provider.

Dr. Hale answers your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit questions in this video.