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Nurse Navigators

Beebe Healthcare is proud to offer Nurse Navigators who are available to help residents and visitors find the healthcare information they need and connect them with Beebe services in the community. We are here to answer your questions and get you the care you need.

Beebe Nurse Navigator

Carrie Snyder, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, helps community members navigate their complex healthcare needs. As the Beebe Nurse Navigator, Carrie understands multiple service lines within Beebe and works to connect you with the services, physicians, and specialists you need. Contact her at one of her specific numbers or forms below.

Fill out the online form or email [email protected].

Fill out the online form or email [email protected].

Fill out the online form or email [email protected].

Fill out the online form. or email [email protected].

Breast Health Nurse Navigator

Beebe's Breast Health Nurse Navigators are here to answer your questions related to breast health and services for breast cancer patients.

Contact the Breast Navigator via this online form. Call (302) 645-3630 or email breastnursenavigator@

Pulmonary Navigator

Beebe offers a Pulmonary Navigator, who works to integrate care and reduce re-admissions for patients with COPD and pneumonia.

Fill out the online form to have your Pulmonary questions answered.