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Creating the Next Generation of Care

Beebe Healthcare President & CEO Jeffrey M. Fried talks about why he's thankful and why he Believes in Beebe. We have created a series of Beebe Believer videos, like the one above, featuring our team members, patients, Board members, and supporters. We invite you to www.nextgenerationofcare.org to enjoy them!

Beebe Healthcare is thoughtfully investing in expanding our presence in Sussex County—making excellent, innovative, and accessible care a reality for our friends, families, and neighbors for future generations.



Healthcare with the Community's Support

For more than 101 years, Beebe has been providing advanced, award-winning care, right here in Sussex County. Families caring for families. Neighbors caring for neighbors. 


Locations & Hours

Walk-In Care Locations & Hours Beebe Medical Group provides convenient locations for walk-in healthcare in southern Delaware.

Imaging Locations & Hours

Beebe Lab Express Locations & Hours



Find Out More About Beebe

Had a heart attack? Worried about your cardiac health? Beebe's Cardiac Rehab and Ornish Lifestyle Medicine programs may be able to help.

Joint pain? Ongoing shoulder, knee, or hip issues? Beebe's Orthopaedic Services team is ready to help you be strong.

Beebe Physical Rehabiliation Services: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech/Language Pathology.

Plagued by breathing issues? Beebe's Pulmonary Wellness team is here for you.

Feel like your heart skips a beat or flutters. Electrophysiology can solve problems related to AFib.

Interventional cardiologists, medical cardiologists, and cardiac surgery teams are here when your heart needs help.



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