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Life at Beebe is challenging, stimulating, and gratifying.

You got into healthcare because you wanted to make a difference in people's lives. As an employer, Beebe can make a difference in your life. Our hospital consistently ranks among the best in the nation because we are able to attract the most talented healthcare professionals . . . and we're able to attract talented people because we offer unique advantages. Life at Beebe is challenging, stimulating, and gratifying.

When you choose Beebe, you'll get all the benefits you expect, and more advantages that make your career more rewarding and your life even richer. And, as a not-for-profit, Beebe lets you focus on what's really important: Your patients. Your career. Your life.

So, why choose Beebe?

  • Patient satisfaction: Beebe ranks in the top 5% nationally
  • Competitive salaries
  • Extensive benefits including generous paid time off (PTO) gain-sharing bonuses
  • Free parking
  • Ongoing educational opportunities - $5,000 a year tuition reimbursement for full-time team members
  • An affirmative action, equal opportunity employer
  • Competitive/generous shift differential

Career FAQs

A: Job opportunities are posted weekly on our website.

A: You can apply online at the Apply Now section of our website.

A: Yes you can. It's best to complete one application and list all the positions of interest in the "Position Applied For" section.

A: Below is a brief overview of employment terms.

Full-Time: Hired to work 8 or 10-hour shifts and maintain a regular scheduled minimum of 40 hours of work per week.

Hired to work 12-hour shifts and maintain a regularly scheduled minimum of 72 hours work during a pay period.

Part-Time: Hired to work 32, 40, 56 or 64 regularly scheduled hours during a pay period. Casual or Per Diem: Hired to work on an as needed basis. Not guaranteed a minimum number of work hours. Shift: Unless a position specifically outlines the work day and shift, most positions have variable or rotating work schedules or work hours. This will be noted on the employment listing.

Casual or Per Diem positions require the flexibility to work any schedule (day/night/evening) or hours based on the work schedule of the position. Work days show whether the position may require working during the standard Monday – Friday, or any day of the week.

A: You can call the Human Resources Department to speak with a representative. After the initial application is processed, we will be happy to review your application for additional positions.

A: We retain applications on file one year from submission date. If you have submitted an application within 12 months, there is no need to reapply. Simply call the Human Resources Department when you see a job opportunity.

However, you want to be sure that your contact information and job history remains current. If there is a change in your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or work history, you should submit another application.

A: When you have applied online, you will receive a personal acknowledgment via e-mail.

A: Our recruiting staff personally reviews all applications. If an applicant possesses the essential job skills/experience, the application will be forwarded to the Director of that particular department. If there is a job match, the recruiter will contact the applicant to schedule an interview. If not selected for an interview, the applicant can continue to apply for other positions.

The Human Resources office is pleased to assist you in your job search at Beebe. Our mission is to attract and hire the best for Beebe Healthcare and to make your first introduction an outstanding one.