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Your Weight and Diabetes Risk

One of the most common precursors to diabetes is having excess weight. Specifically for those who are entering middle age with extra weight around the middle, there is a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is considered a chronic condition, meaning it is an illness that once you have it, you will likely have it for the rest of your life.

Type 2 diabetes is generally associated with people who are overweight or obese. When you gain extra weight, it puts stress on your body and in some cases, your pancreas cannot produce or maintain your body’s insulin levels. This causes you to have high blood sugar in many cases and will put you into the range to be considered diabetic.

Diabetics often have to take insulin, either by injecting it via a syringe or taking additional medication. They must also regularly monitor their blood sugar by pricking their finger and testing the blood using a handheld glucose monitor.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, it changes your life in many ways. There are more considerations you have to make and there are new medications you have to monitor.

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Avoiding Diabetes

If you notice you have gained weight or you are concerned about diabetes, you might consider losing weight as a way to prevent being diagnosed with diabetes.

Losing weight and getting your blood sugar under control is one of the best ways to prevent or even reverse diabetes.

If you are seriously overweight, with a BMI of 40 or higher, you might be a candidate for bariatric surgery. Bariatric or weight-loss surgery has been proven to prevent diabetes. Those who had diabetes prior to bariatric surgery were, in some cases, able to reverse their diabetes and stop taking diabetes medications.

Medical weight-loss surgery is not for everyone. Talk to your primary care provider or attend a monthly education session to learn if surgery could help you improve your health.

If you are living with diabetes, Beebe Population Health offers a six-week program that teaches you how to best manage your condition and live your healthiest life.

Due to COVID-19, our in-person education sessions and group support meetings have been postponed. However, if you are interested in bariatric surgery and have questions, the Bariatric Wellness Coordinator can help. Fill out the form here. Call our bariatric surgery specialists at 302-703-3630. Learn more: Bariatric Surgery at Beebe.