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Beebe Medical Foundation: Our Philanthropic Arm

Beebe Medical Foundation is the philanthropic arm – raising funds for Beebe Healthcare through generous community support.

Judy Aliquo, President & CEO of Beebe Medical Foundation talked with Jeffrey Hawtof, MD, about why she believes in Beebe.

“My husband and I have had a house in the area for years, so even before I came to work here at the Foundation, I was familiar with Beebe,” said Judy. “We had our first experiences in Beebe’s Emergency Department and always experienced great care. I knew even then that Beebe would be an organization I could work for because it was easy to see how amazing the team was here and still is today!”

Beebe Medical Foundation is embarking on its largest campaign in its history – raising $34 million through the “I Believe in Beebe” campaign. This campaign is raising money for Beebe’s largest expansion plan in its more than 103-year history.

“When our team here at the Foundation was talking about naming this campaign, we very quickly landed on ‘I Believe in Beebe’ because every time we were talking to donors or team members they would always say, ‘Well, of course I will give to Beebe because I believe in Beebe,’ so we very easily knew that this is what we should name the campaign,” Judy said.

Beebe Medical Foundation launched the “I Believe in Beebe” campaign last year. To date, the campaign has raised about $30 million of its $34 million goal! To learn more about Beebe Medical Foundation or how you can donate: Or, visit the Give Now button at the top of the page!