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Buddy Up

Find Your Team

A support group, such as Weight Watchers, can help you achieve your goals. Get your family on board—they can be great coaches. Kim Westcott, a Registered Dietitian with Beebe Healthcare, says to be consistent with meals and exercise. For meals, eat regularly during the day—every three to four hours. Plan an exercise routine and stick with it. Moderate physical activity five days per week for 30 minutes is recommended for most people, but talk to your physician before starting any fitness regimen.


Be Accountable

Start a walking group at work or after work with friends to increase your activity. This will hold you accountable to yourself and to your friends. It's a great way to blow off steam after a long day! Be realistic For example, set a one month goal to walk for 30 minutes, three times a week.


Make It a Challenge

Gather some friends to have a weight‐loss contest. Have a prize to entice more people to join. Set an attainable goal, but also make it deadline driven. Kim's tip for losing weight — don't drink your calories. Choose water over high‐calorie drinks. Brighten up your water with a squeeze of lemon or add fruit.

To schedule an appointment with a Beebe registered dietitian, you must have a physician’s referral. Then, call Beebe’s pre‐arrival services at (302) 645‐3278, Select #4, and ask to make the appointment.