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About Health Information Exchange

The security of your health data is one of our most important priorities. Your personal health information is only made available via appropriate technical, administrative, and physical security safeguards to the permitted recipients participating in the alliance networks - DHIN and CommonWell information exchange.

What is Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

HIE allows participating doctors, primary care providers, specialists, hospitalists, and other clinicians more secure and near instant access to your important health information. This reduces time required to track down test results and other health information, increasing the time your healthcare providers can spend on your care, and potentially removes the need to duplicate tests. In the event of an emergency, medical staff can immediately access your allergies, medication list, and other health information, helping to expedite your care. Electronic sharing is more secure than fax or paper files, which can easily be lost or viewed by individuals without proper authorization. Electronic sharing also saves time and the hassle of filling out the same health history forms over and over when you see your doctor or go to a specialist. When you are seen at a Beebe Healthcare facility, you are automatically enrolled in DHIN and CommonWell information exchanges.

When would Beebe share my information?

HIE allows your electronic medical record to be seen by your providers both in and out of the Beebe Healthcare network. This allows providers and specialists to quickly view your medical history, including medications, to help ensure the best care. For example, your primary care doctor can send your complete records to your specialist, so they are aware of treatments you have previously received. In the event of an emergency, providers in the Emergency Department can view all your medications, and take the proper precautions based on that information.

Is my information secure?

The federal government put in place the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule to ensure you have rights over your own health information, no matter what form it is in. The government also created the HIPAA Security Rule to require specific protections to safeguard your electronic health information. Under these rules, providers and staff can share health information only to support a patient’s medical treatment and obtain payment for the services provided. In addition, users can only access the minimum of information necessary to complete their task. Beebe monitors user access to electronic medical records to ensure these protocols are being followed.

What if I don't want my information shared?

Opting out of HIE may mean that your care team does not have quick access to your medical history in the event of an emergency. In addition, opting out does not preclude any Beebe Healthcare participating organization that has previously accessed your health information from retaining this information within their own records. If you previously opted out and wish to opt back in, you can do so on the Opt-Out Form. To opt out of the DHIN please see below.

Click to download the form below. You may either fill it out electronically and email it, or print and send it in.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 302-645-3501
  • Mail: Beebe Healthcare, HIM Department 424 Savannah Rd, Lewes, DE 19958

Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN)

We maintain membership with the DHIN, Delaware’s first operational statewide Health Information Exchange. The DHIN maintains a safe and secure repository for clinical results, reports, and demographic and billing information that allows member health care providers access to health care information. The DHIN provides a statewide health information network that addresses Delaware’s needs for timely, reliable and relevant health care information, and provides information on a strict need-to-know basis. To obtain more information on the numerous benefits including improved care, reduced time in obtaining record information, enhanced privacy, as well as information on opting-out of the program, you may visit the DHIN website or call 302-678-0220.