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Walk to Remember 2022

Beebe Healthcare Perinatal Loss Support Services will sponsor the 17th Annual “Walk to Remember” on October 9th at .

The walk recognizes pregnancy loss and allows parents, their friends and families, and other supporters to have an opportunity to remember babies who have died during pregnancy or after birth.

Beebe’s event is the only Walk to Remember held in Delaware to commemorate pregnancy and infant loss. Similar walks take place nationwide each fall in honor of October’s designation as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

In lieu of a group walk, you are invited to view an online memorial event featuring a welcome address, prayer, reading of infant names, insight into the meaning of the butterfly release, and concluding with a reading of the “Walk to Remember” poem. Following the reading of the poem, family members and supporters are invited to walk in their neighborhood or place of their choosing to remember their baby. View the reading of the poem here or on Beebe's Facebook page:

All parents and grandparents who register prior to the event will receive a memorial T-shirt at no cost based on availability. Friends, other family members and supporters may donate $10 for a T-shirt. Parents who wish to have the names of their infant(s) included in the video program will need to contact Barb Rogers or Terri Wyatt at the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing by October 4 by calling 302-645-3251 or by registering online below.

Register, donate, receive T-Shirt here

For more information about the walk, to register, or to provide contributions, contact Barbara Rogers or Terri Wyatt at Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing by calling 302-645-3251.

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