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Beebe Healthcare works with our community to take action to prevent cancer. Beebe Oncology Services provides cancer outreach, education, and screening programs to help our community learn more about what causes cancer and the risk factors involved.

Our outreach program takes cancer prevention and early detection education to the places where people live, work and play in Sussex County. Our team offers tailored programs about healthy behaviors and lifestyles to reduce risk factors for cancers.

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Navigating Your Cancer Screenings

Deb Campbell, MSN, Cancer Screening Nurse Navigator, partners with residents in our community to provide resources for cancer screenings. She enrolls individuals in cancer screening programs, including Delaware’s Screening for Life, and helps connect the uninsured with the Choose Health Delaware Marketplace.

In addition, the Navigator follows patients with abnormal cancer screening results for future screening needs, and helps coordinate cancer care. The Navigator guides patients through cancer screenings, including:

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Health Screening Checklist.