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Self-Monitoring for COVID-19

With cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) increasing daily, it is important that you are self-isolating and quarantining when necessary. If you have recently been in a crowd of people or if you recently traveled into the state from another state, you should be quarantining yourself for 14 days. Below you can download Self-Monitoring forms. These forms will allow you to monitor any possible symptoms of COVID-19.

During isolation or self-quarantining, it is important to stay home, practice good hand hygiene, and drink plenty of fluids. Only go out for necessary items. And, if you aren't feeling well, don't go out at all. If you need items, call a friend, co-worker, or neighbor to ask them to get what you need so that you do not risk spreading infection to others.

By following the CDC and WHO guidelines to limit contact, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 and get back to our normal lives more quickly.

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