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Babysitter Classroom: Six Things You Should Do to Prepare


You’ve made reservations at the most romantic place in town and you’ve chosen the perfect movie for you and your spouse. The only thing left to do is call your babysitter.

Finding the right babysitter can take a lot of time and effort, but when you find one, you’ll have time to enjoy your hobbies, socialize with friends, or spend time with your significant other. Ask for recommendations from people you trust including your friends, family, neighbors, congregation, and pediatrician. Ensure the person you find is patient, kind, active, and fond of children. Also, keep in mind any specific traits you may be looking for to accommodate any special needs.

Make yourself feel at ease about leaving your children and prepare your babysitter with these six to-do’s:


1. Give a Tour

Show your baby sitter around the house and how to use the appliances. Also, show him or her how to disable the security system and where the spare keys, smoke detectors, and emergency exits are located. The tour will help you and the sitter feel more comfortable and aware.


2. Create a Family Schedule

Take note of your family’s routine including mealtimes, bedtimes, and activities. A steady schedule will help the babysitter organize the day and ease the transition for your kids.


3. Create an Emergency Contact List

Make sure the sitter knows where you are and what time you’ll be back. In case of an emergency, create a list of numbers including your neighbors, friends, relatives, and pediatrician. Also, emphasize when it is necessary to call 911.


4. Review Safety Rules

Ensure your sitter knows the basic safety rules such as not leaving children alone, age-appropriate snacks, and keeping potential choking hazards, such as balloons and bags, away from kids.


5.  Meal Plan

Make things easier for your babysitter and have meals planned for while you’re away. Designate foods for snacking and items that are off limits. Having meals planned will ensure that your children get the nutrition they need.


6. Talk About Your Children’s Personalities

Discuss your children’s social skills, attention spans, energy levels, and memory capabilities. Give the sitter a chance to get to know your children so they can develop a relationship.

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