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Middle School Soiree: Prepping Your Child For Success

Growing up is an exciting whirlwind that comes with its fair share of adjustment periods for both parents and children. If you are the parent of a child who is getting ready to make the jump from elementary school to middle school, there are some important things to think about as you guide your child through this transition.

Below are some great tips to help boost your child’s confidence as they tackle the next chapter of their education.


Academic Arena

Remember that the amount of school work and level of difficulty will shift as your child arrives in middle school. Prepare them for this by honing in on the following areas:

  • Prep for Success. Talk to your child about how workload and expectations will change. Encourage them to listen carefully and work hard in class for continued success.
  • Schedule Study Time. Set aside time after school and on the weekends where the house is quiet and you can work with your child on homework or challenging subjects.
  • Stay Connected. As a parent, you are your child’s best advocate. If you have questions about school material, teaching styles, or your child’s behavior, visit with their new school.


Map It Out

A new school means a new configuration and the possibility of your child getting lost. Help curb the unexpected by covering the following:

  • Hallway Habits. Most schools will provide new students with a map, but if not, it never hurts to ask. Or try walking around the school before the first day of class to help your child get acquainted.
  • Locker Logistics. Locks can be tricky, but practice makes perfect. Try creating a cool laminated locker "cheat sheet" with instructions and the combination for your child to keep in their backpack.
  • Teacher Transitions. Review class schedules with your child and explain how important punctuality and planning is as they adjust to this new routine.


Social Settings

Middle school means exposure to a whole new group of kids for your child. Let them know that making friends takes time and give them a few ideas for how they can branch out and get to know new kids in their class by applying the following:

  • Finding New Friends. Encourage your child to get involved in class and after school activities to meet new people.
  • Lunchtime Loneliness. Tell them to be bold and sit with new students. You never know who may end up being their new best friend.
  • Bully Patrol. Remind your child to report bullying to their teacher. Prepare them that not everyone treats others the same, but that they should focus on positivity and treat others with kindness.

While the move to middle school is a big transition, it is full of excitement and adventure, too. Review these topics with your child and ask them to share their thoughts or ask any questions they may have. As a parent you will set a precedent for their behavior and reactions during this season, so make sure you take the time to talk with them and equip them for the switch to middle school.

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