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Becoming a Grandparent

Your life may get a little bit sweeter with the addition of a new family member. Becoming a grandparent is an opportunity to care and love your grandchild and instill positive values. The small footsteps and random bursts of laughter in your home will add joy to your world.

Your excitement—or advice—may agitate your adult child. She may want to do things “her way” and ignore your advice, which could add tension to your relationship. Here are some things you should keep in mind when embracing your role as a grandparent.

  • Respect boundaries. You did a great job raising your child, and now it’s her time to raise her family. Don’t force your opinion, and let your adult child make decisions on the own. She’ll ask for advice when she wants it.
  • Don’t gloat. You adult child will have opportunities to learn something new about parenting.
  • Be available. Offer to take some of the weight of your adult child’s shoulders. Help with grocery shopping, cleaning out the fridge, or doing a load of laundry.
  • Be flexible. You’re likely not the only grandparent, and schedules can change quickly. Avoid causing unnecessary stress—don’t get upset when your grandchild is unable to visit.
  • Limit spoiling. The urge to indulge in gifts for the grandbaby may be tempting. But some children do not welcome that sentiment, and they may feel it diminishes their role. Ask if your grandchild needs anything, if there’s a wish list, or it’s okay to purchase something for your grandchild.

Being a grandparent is an opportunity to model good behavior and engage in your grandchild’s healthy development. It’s also a chance to have fun with them—embrace and enjoy the experience!

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