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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Heal Patients Following Radiation


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been found to promote more rapid healing of many types of wounds. From diabetic foot ulcers to jaws damaged by radiation therapy, hyperbaric chambers are becoming more in demand and more regularly used for treatment of non-healing wounds.
Many of the patients we see today at Beebe Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine have undergone radiation therapy for cancer. Often, radiation therapy damages the soft tissues of our bodies, including our organs. Some of these injuries are not visible to the eye and therefore we might not realize how the wounds are hindering our quality of life.
With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, breathing the super-concentrated oxygen promotes more rapid healing of those wounds and can help our patients get back to feeling better more quickly.
The oxygen therapy improves blood supply to soft tissues, which allows them to catch up and heal. It could take months or years to heal naturally without the support of hyperbaric medicine.
We have had phenomenal success in treating patients who have had radiation. For example, patients who need to have dental surgery, but who first need to improve and heal the tissues of the mouth, are great candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The therapy helps improve the health of mouth tissue, thus allowing patients to have dental surgery safely and with more positive outcomes.
Patients tell us that following their hyperbaric oxygen treatments, they are able to taste foods again, they feel stronger and more like themselves. Beebe Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine recently added a third hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
The BARA-MED “Select” hyperbaric chambers, which provide the most advanced and effective treatment available. Manufactured by Environmental Tectonics Corporation, the BARA-MED “Select” is designed to protect patients from inner ear squeeze, a major discomfort that competing hyperbaric chambers fail to address. The chamber is spacious, temperature-controlled, and runs quietly, reducing patient anxiety. It is equipped with an entertainment system, enabling patients to watch videos during treatment.
Since 1998, Beebe Wound Healing has provided state-of-the-art wound care for the community. Beebe’s outcomes-driven program focuses on healing wound(s) quickly.
The healing rate is consistently greater than 98 percent, exceeding the national average. Many of these wounds went untreated for weeks or months before receiving specialized wound care.
Beebe Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine is located with Diabetes Management in Suite 210 of the Medical Arts Building, at Beebe’s Rehoboth Health Campus: 18947 John J. Williams Highway.
Talk to your doctor about referring you to Beebe Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine. To learn more about the program, call (302) 645-3121.