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Cancer Taught Me: Lynn’s Story

Cancer taught me not to stress the small things because most of them are just not that important. I was a very active person and participated in indoor and outdoor activities on a regular basis which all changed for a period of time after being diagnosed with breast cancer. It was quite a shock to be sidelined due to mental and physical limitations for months going through treatment. A positive attitude and surrounding yourself with positive support people proved to be just the right medicine. There is no room in the game of life for negativity. Therefore I live every moment and do not take life for granted as it may be taken at any time and at any age. I am very lucky and happy to be back to living LIFE!

Lynn Casey
Breast Cancer Survivor

Cancer Taught Me

Cancer Taught Me

Cancer Taught Me explores the stories of patients who received treatment at Beebe's Tunnell Cancer Center. The stories are in their own words.