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Celebrate Excellent Care

Beebe’s caring staff takes away the fear

By Sherry Williams Fried and Amanda Neal

“I was scared when I arrived at the ER. Having pressure in your chest makes you immediately think ‘I’m having a heart attack,’” said Sherry Williams-Fried. “When you enter one of those ER bays, a myriad of people flood to you, getting vitals, putting you in one of those not-so-stylish gowns and asking all sorts of questions. And then the needles start.

“I was approached by Trent Collins introducing himself and asking me some questions. I was immediately put at ease by his caring manner and his light conversation that helped me feel more relaxed. I’m not a fan of needles, and his skill at putting in an IV is tremendous. No pain! And a day and a half later when it was finally removed, no bruising.

“Trent is a wonderfully skilled trauma nurse,” Sherry continued, “and better yet, just a great person with a genuinely warm and friendly personality. Bravo, Trent! Thanks for such great, caring service.”

Sherry also acknowledged the 5th Floor Nursing Staff. “I had two one-night stays at Beebe and both were on the fifth floor. The care that I received was wonderful. The friendly dispositions and great attitudes from my caregivers were a welcome sight during two scary and exhausting visits. Every member of the staff, from the nurses to the people drawing blood, were so caring. Bravo, 5th Floor. Thanks for what you do!”

Beebe’s Celebrate Excellent Care program gives grateful patients a way to say a personal thank you to the Beebe team members who cared for them. These heartfelt notes are shared directly with the caregivers, and often the patient will come back to hospital – just like Sherry did – to express their gratitude in person. Saying thank you is often part of the healing process for patients. When this happens in person, it is greatly appreciated by all of the Beebe team members and hospital leadership.