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Enma Rodriguez: We Are Here for All Patients

Enma Rodriguez is a patient care tech in Beebe's Emergency Department in Lewes. When COVID-19 started bringing more patients in through the Emergency Department - many of them Spanish speakers - Enma stepped up to help translate during some scary moments.

"I remember the first time I had to go into a room with a patient," Enma recalls. "I remember him say, 'please save me, please save me.' The man was yelling. He felt like we couldn't hear him or that we couldn't understand him."

Enma explained to him that she was there to help him communicate, so he didn't have to yell anymore.

Often, Spanish speaking patients struggle to communicate, but with team members like Enma in the Emergency Department, their needs are met and they feel heard.

"I could tell he calmed down when he knew I could understand him."

"I felt like that touch - that we have you, we got you - that calmed him down and helped him a lot."


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