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Greg Anderson’s Tips for Living Well

Greg Anderson outlines a holistic approach to health and wellness in his book. Here are three ideas, inspired by three of the 22 laws of wellness, that help you remain accountable, stay active, and manage stress:


Take Responsibility

Make yourself a top priority. Anderson's Law of Personal Accountability highlights that you are the top contributor to your wellness. Make good choices—your choices influence behaviors, which in turn influence your wellness.


Create a Space to Move

Following the Law of Physical Activity, or staying active, keeps the entire body strong by toning muscles and hindering the buildup of excess fat. Activity even helps reduce stress. Ask your significant other or a friend to watch your kids for 30 minutes so you can walk around your neighborhood or practice yoga and stretch. Doing so will reduce your chance of dementia, help combat anxiety, and allow you to feel more productive at work.


Managing Stress Appropriately

Anderson says it isn't what happens to a person that influences his or her health, but how that person deals with what's happening. While temporary stress is your body's way of putting up a fight, toxic stress can lead to chronic health issues. To eradicate toxic stress, two things must change: how you view the problem and how you view yourself. Practice breathing techniques to get through tough situations, and find appropriate outlets, such as exercise or talking to a friend, to relieve toxic stress.

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