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Harmony in the Company You Keep


After being diagnosed with stage IIIB testicular cancer, Brian, 45, found solace in his family and friends. “My wife was very concerned and shaken by the thought of being a single mom,” Brian says. “But her strength and determination guided me through such a difficult time and helped our family thrive and our business to continue to prosper.”

Brian and his wife, Jenn, manage their own real estate group together, which enables them to have some flexibility to raise their sons Griffin, 11, and Grant, 9. However, the energy to care for their boys wasn’t always there. They relied on friends to help with the kids.

During Brian’s 12 weeks of chemotherapy at Tunnell Cancer Center, Jenn managed the majority of the business. Brian worked throughout the process, even though he was not 100% and felt tired often.

“I worked to keep myself sane and grounded,” he says. “Jenn was doing about 95% of the work and I was doing 5%.”

Today, Brian is cancer‐free. He enjoys playing golf and going on camping trips with his sons. Looking back, Brian encourages others facing a difficult diagnosis to adopt a positive attitude.

“A positive mental attitude goes a long way,” he says. “Take it one step at a time. A small step forward is better than a step back.”


Navigating Your Journey with Beebe Oncology Services

Brian Barrows says his first thought after being diagnosed with cancer was to take action.

“I looked at it as a fight,” he says. “I have a lot to live for, and fortunately, I had great care at Tunnell.”

Along with the support of his loved ones, Brian received supportive counseling from Clare Wilson, RN, MS, cancer care navigator at Beebe. Cancer care navigators, like Clare, provide a safe place for patients to express their fears free from judgment. It can be difficult to discuss fearful thoughts—including medical bills and the possibility of leaving loved ones—with the people they are closest to.

Cancer care navigators help patients address and process distress, and uncover healthy ways to live without overwhelming fear. Clare encourages people to be active, even when it seems difficult, to cope with stressors.

Tunnell Cancer Center provides a range of treatment options and support services for families facing a cancer diagnosis. For more information, click here or call (302) 645‐3770 or go to