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Journey Into Journaling: When Should I Write?

Make Journaling Your New Habit

Happy International Women's Day and Welcome to Month Three of the Journey to Journaling series!

I hope the first two months have yielded some positive effects from your journaling practice, however if you find yourself struggling this may help:  You may have heard that if you dedicate yourself to making a change last for at least 30 days then it is more likely to stick.

While researchers are still debating exactly how long it takes to make a habit – I can tell you this much. If you make an effort every day to start that habit and grow that habit; if you make sure to find benefits in the habit; and if you make sure to allow the habit to speak to you – you will be more likely to continue.

Integrating Journaling with Your Life

It is important to make journaling be a part of your life. The time of day that you journal can help you with this.

If you are a morning person, you might want to consider journaling in the morning. This can help you set your intention for the day.

If you are more of a night owl, you may decide to journal just before bed as a way to unpack the day and clear your mind for a restful sleep.

Finding your ideal time to journal is key in having this become a long-lasting habit.

Journaling allows me to practice self-compassion by accepting and befriending myself as I am.  It allows me to welcome all parts of me, even the parts that do not want to be seen. It allows me to welcome all parts of being human, even the painful experiences.

I believe that is from learning to accept the humanness in myself that helps me learn to accept the humanness in others.  I do believe that empathy and compassion for others comes from self-inquiry; and journaling can be a wonder-filled approach to inquire within.

If you are on this journaling journey with us, what have you learned about yourself? Have there been areas of your mind that have been hard to address? Talk to us in the comments.

Raylen Williams

Raylen Williams

Raylen Williams is a Health Coach with Beebe Wellness and Beebe HealthyBack, programs under Beebe Physical Rehabilitation Services.