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Navigating Our Health: Motherhood is tough, enjoy the moments

Motherhood is definitely the most humbling and hardest job in the world.

Growing up, I had no idea of all of the sacrifices my mother made on a daily basis.  She sacrificed her personal time, her career, her finances, and her friends all to make sure that I did not want for anything, including her time.  My mother made it to every softball and field hockey game, every awards banquet, every school concert.  She also worked full time, went to school in the evening, and did all the cooking and cleaning in our house.  Honestly, I rarely saw her sit down.

Now, as a working mother of two, I try daily to lead by example with my children.  Trying to teach them that hard work and determination pay off.  Trying to instill those attributes of confidence and self-empowerment.  I have to is tough!   I did my mom do it all?  Besides the fact, she is pretty much superwoman.

Image file: Carrie Snyder with kids
We are all superwoman - we are all super women
Image file: Carrie's mother, Jackie, and Carrie's son.
My mother, Jackie, and my son.
Image file: Carrie, right, with her mom, Jackie Wilson.
With my mom, Jackie Wilson

There are times I get home from work and am exhausted, only wanting to put on my comfy clothes, sit on the couch, and drink a glass of wine.  But, my 3- and 6-year-old deserve my attention and time. They have no idea what mommy has done at work all day and that she has a thousand and one left to do on her mental list, nor should they.

So.... as moms, we dig down deep and find that second burst of energy, knowing that we will reap the benefits in the end.  There is nothing better than hearing “mommy, I love you” or seeing your child complete a random act of kindness.  Although as moms, we are exhausted and feel like are heads are spinning most of the time...this period is short and we must take time to enjoy it.

Take advantage of “small talk” before bed with your kindergartener, breathe in the smell of your baby, watch them sleep, kiss their toes, and find the energy to read “one more book.”   They will only be little for so long.

And, stop beating yourself up if dinner is a frozen pizza, laundry is piling up, you “buy” the cupcakes rather than make them from scratch, or your child’s birthday party doesn’t look like something from a Pinterest post. As I write these words to all of the hard working, exhausted, perfectionist mommas out there that are trying to be “Supermom,” I want to remind you all of the following:

You are doing a good job...not only a good job, but a great job at the hardest job! 

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Carrie Snyder

Carrie Snyder, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, is the Women's Health Nurse Navigator. Carrie serves as a liaison between Beebe and the community to help community members navigate Beebe’s services.