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Table Matters: The Benefits of a Dinner Table Ritual

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When it comes to setting a healthy example, it can be as simple as taking a seat at the table.

It’s important to eat a diet of nutrient-dense foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. But it’s just as important to set a healthy example for your family at home and in your work. Taking time for self-care is important—but taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for your family.


Dinner Time = Family Time

Many families have two working adults, which leaves little time to get a healthy dinner on the table. However, a family meal is about more than sharing food—it also provides a space for connection.

Having the entire family unit sit down together is of great benefit, not only to children, but to parents as well. It is a great time to catch up and reflect on the day. Sitting together at the dinner table can also reinforce positive behaviors. Consider these rules for your family table:

  • Set the table with silverware and napkins to establish a ritual of eating together.
  • Make dinner a device-free zone. Put away phones and turn off television.
  • Enjoy each bite. Put your fork down and chew between bites. Eating slowly helps you realize when you’re full.
  • Engage in conversation. Don't just stop after "how was your day." Delve into deeper discussions with your family.


Seeing your family physician on a regular basis should also be a healthy habit—find a doctor at Beebe today.