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Welcome Spring Into Our Lives

For most of us, it has been a long winter and allowing the cold days of winter to leave is a welcome relief. There seems to be nothing as dreary as cold, cloud filled days and wind that seems to blow coldness throughout our bodies. Winter has a way of keeping us in a state of hibernation and we are all eager for spring to arrive.

But at last, spring has arrived at our doorsteps. We welcome it with open arms. The sun is shining more, bringing warmth to our bodies, and adding a green shimmer to the nature around us. Green becomes increasingly present, with grass awakening from its winter nap and flowers emerging with vibrant colors that beautify nature’s landscape. Birds return to sing their songs and inspire us to find our renewed energy that only spring brings.

I have waited for this time to come and awaken my own soul. My spirit fills renewed with a sense of energy. What shall be my focus for this “new beginning”? What meaningful things can serve my heart and soul?

To begin with, gratitude is my first endeavor.

So why not follow the resources of nature as they teach us about spring? We can create new energy within to help us bring change to our living circumstances. Spring renewal can also inspire us to improve our well-being in our minds and relationships.

Start the day with the goal of creating change for that day. It can be as simple as decluttering our homes of things that we no longer need or changing the color accents in our rooms to reflect the calmness of blue, the warmth of sunshine in yellow and using greens to symbolize growth and harmony with nature. Just as the daffodils and tulips emerge from the earth changing the whole landscape of a garden with new growth and change, we emerge from the winter with hope for enhancement. Leave behind the darkness of the brown leaves from winter and bask in the beauty of new life. It is a new season and an opportunity to breathe in the freshness of nature and create change.

How can I bring this change into not only my living space but also within my mind and my relationships? An important question to ask ourselves. Truly, like the flowers blossom and come out of darkness to offer hope, renewal and beauty, we can ask ourselves to bring more beauty and harmony to others. Release the tension and built up frustration of our lives and stretch your winter-weary arms toward a warmer sun. The only resource we need to create greater harmony and compassion within ourselves is our own willingness and intention to do so.

So, my thoughts to all of you are enjoy the gifts nature brings this spring and allow yourself to reflect upon those gifts by creating simplicity, offering kindness to others and smiling in the glow and warmth of the sunshine.

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