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What Is Health and Wellness?

That feels like the eternal question, both in life and in healthcare. The Beacon (Beebe's Quarterly Magazine is dedicated to uncovering how you can strike that balance. It’s a reminder that health and wellbeing are not merely something to check off the list—although those actions, like getting an annual wellness visit, are crucial.

Health is not an elusive goal to seek, or some way to cross a finish line, as if to say, “I’ve made it! I’m finally healthy!” It happens more in everyday decisions. It happens in the ways we shop at the grocery store and plan meals for our families. It happens when we speak up to people in our community about the leading cause of death—heart disease—in women. Health happens in almost every moment, whether as a reminder to get up from your desk and stretch or to call your neighbor who just started her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Health means knowing that even in the face of chronic illness or disease, we can enjoy each day to the fullest. We want Beebe to be accessible. This is a conversation and journey we’re embarking on together. Your health is important to us, every single day. Whether you’re getting a check-up or just taking a walk on the boardwalk, you are part of Beebe’s community.

Welcome. Thank you for being here.

To your health,

Bridget Buckaloo
Executive Director
Women’s Health Services
Beebe Healthcare