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In order to help people better document their medications in case of a medical emergency, Beebe in 1999 began distributing File of Life packets. These free, red plastic, magnetized packets contain a person's personal medical information and are kept on the refrigerator for paramedics to use as a reference when responding to a medical emergency. A window sticker is visibly displayed outside the home so paramedics know to look for these packets. Beebe Healthcare has distributed more than 60,000 of them.

File of Life

Update your File of Life

Please make sure that the original Emergency Medical Information form is updated. And, please complete the new Universal Medication form and include it in your File of Life packet. If you live in the Sussex County area and would like to request information or sample packets, please call 302-645-3337.

Download a File of Life form. After downloading, simply fill in the fields, print it, and insert it into your File of Life packet.

New Addition to the File of Life Packet

Because of the growth in the use of herbal supplements, as well as the use of over-the-counter medications, Beebe Healthcare recently added a Universal Medication form to the File of Life packet. This form has more space on it to include all medications, vitamins, and supplements used. This form should be updated regularly as medications change, and it should be brought to a physician's office and to the hospital on each visit.