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Staying active throughout your life is a key way to reduce illness, bone and joint pain, and stay at a healthy weight. The Beebe wellness and integrative health teams provide free or donation-based classes in the community.

If you aren't sure if you are ready to attend an in-person class, try some chair yoga at home by following these simple videos with Raylen Williams, Health Coach at Beebe Healthcare.

Five Stretches to Do Every Day

Beebe Health Coaches Jake Murray and Raylen Williams demonstrate five stretches to do every day in this video.

Introduction to Chair Yoga - Part One

Introduction to Chair Yoga - Part Two

Introduction to Chair Yoga - Part Three

Chair Yoga - Full Class with Raylen Williams

Beebe Wellness and the integrative health team host Chair Yoga classes throughout the year. However, if you aren't sure you are ready for an in-person class, you can still reap the benefits of getting your blood flowing through exercise at home.

In this extended session, feel free to pause the video to repeat the stretches or exercises shown. It is separated into Parts so you can easily stop to take a break and then resume. Enjoy!

For upcoming classes, go to or follow us on Facebook!

Interested in additional resources - check out our Healthy Seniors Resource Center.

More videos coming soon!