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Members of the Board of Ambassadors are valued members of the Beebe community who generously volunteer their time, energy and resources to support Beebe Healthcare. The Ambassadors help share the good news and promote the importance of supporting Beebe through events, volunteer opportunities and personal philanthropy.

Bradley L. Travis, Jr.

Board of Ambassadors, Chair

Jason Abela
Alexa Baich
Thomas Bain
Ted Banks
Brian Barrows
Craig Beebe
Shannon Carmean Burton
Lisa Condon

Bonnie Crosby
Sumner Crosby
Mary Jane Deets
Thomas Deets
Janice Erich
Jeff Evans
Eddie Ghabour
Alison Houck, CPA
Maureen Hurst
L. Jeffrey Joseph
Shelly Kennedy
Deirdre McCartney
Maryanne Murray
Ethan Rhodes
Robyn Rosenfeld-Aburrow
Robert W. Tunnell
Chanta Wilkinson
Chanta Wilkinson
Sherry Fried
Sherry Williams-Fried