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Cancer Taught Me: Kim Capano’s Story

I live bravely by continually pushing myself through each new challenge on my cancer journey and finding the silver linings. Having a positive attitude is so important. I remind myself how blessed I am that my cancer was diagnosed when it was diagnosed. I have learned you have to take charge and be an advocate for yourself.

You have to find your voice and speak up. At first, my struggle was my concern about my appearance, especially the fear of losing my hair. But, your whole body goes through a transition, one change after another, until you finally realize your health is your biggest concern, and then you have to say, ‘Who cares?’

If I wrote something on a T-shirt it would be ‘Love each other.’ I wish people were kinder to each other, not second-guessing or fearing their intuition to be loving. Having cancer has made me appreciate the smallest of things, like seeing a smile and hearing a kind word.

-Kim Capano, invasive lobular carcinoma survivor

Cancer Taught Me

Cancer Taught Me

Cancer Taught Me explores the stories of patients who received treatment at Beebe's Tunnell Cancer Center. The stories are in their own words.