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Toxic Thursdays: The No-Makeup Experiment

When I started writing this blog, it was a forum to discuss products we use and how they could affect our health and the health of our children. I generally focused on products used for children – see my blogs on safe child cups and shampoo.

However, over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I got to thinking – what about a blog about not using products?

During the course of a very hot weekend, I found I saved tons of time by not wearing makeup. I would wear my lotion and a sunscreen mixed in since we spent long hours outside, but I skipped the mascara, blush, and foundation that I generally use. I am not a lipstick person – more of a chapstick girl – and I did continue to use that to protect my lips.

When it is hot outside, our makeup can be more of a hassle than it is worth. After cooling down enough after a shower, then taking the time to painstakingly apply foundation, blush, mascara, and whatever else you might use, often it is all lost to sweat.

I know what you are thinking – girls don’t sweat, we glisten!

Well, I don’t know about you, but when I am chasing two kids down the beach, I am doing more than glistening! And, I don’t prefer to end up looking like a zombie from the Dawn of the Dead when I am done having all that beach fun – mascara dripping down to my chin and eyebrow pencil smeared up to my hairline.

So, I stopped doing it. I stopped using makeup for going on two weeks now. And, here’s what I found:

  1. I saved, on average, 15 minutes, in the bathroom each morning. This is 15 minutes more to enjoy a cup of coffee or to relish extra snuggles with your children or pets.
  2. Initially, I felt a slight loss of confidence. I did often think I looked mousy or not dynamic with my natural eyelashes and pathetic non-penciled brows. However, as time went by, I stopped thinking about it and actually felt more confidence because I wasn’t worried if my mascara had run or smeared!
  3. Less time in front a mirror = happier and healthier. No, I did not go down a dress size because I stopped wearing makeup, but I did find that spending less time in front of a mirror meant less time criticizing my own face! When applying makeup, I always second guessed myself (I am not great at makeup to begin with) and by skipping that step, I have more face-confidence!
  4. Here’s the kicker – no one really noticed! Of course my husband didn’t notice, but many of my co-workers also didn’t notice (or at least did not mention) the lack of makeup.

Have you ever gone without makeup? Would you consider it, even for a short time?

While I can’t say that I will never wear makeup again, I can say with complete confidence that I don’t feel the need to wear it every day. And, likely my skin will thank me for that in the long run!

Rachel Mavity

Rachel Mavity

Rachel Mavity is the Digital Communications Coordinator with Beebe Healthcare's Marketing and Communications Department. On Toxic Thursdays, she writes about saving the earth and ways to reduce our footprint. She also now blogs over at Be Real on this site.