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Creating the Next Generation of Care: An Introduction

As Beebe continues to plan and develop services, programs, and facilities for our growing population, we will look to those we serve for their continued confidence in what we are doing as well as their support to help us expand throughout the county.

Our expansion plans will not only transform the way we deliver care but will also make medical services so much more accessible in our community. We recognize with the growth that’s occurring here that no matter how hard we work, no matter how successful we’re going to be, we’re still going to need to provide some more inpatient beds to people who are continuing to move into our community. We’re serving the fastest-growing population in the state, certainly in Southern Delaware. To do a better job of serving our community, we needed to figure out how to take care of people without them having to travel all the way to Lewes.

As we acquire the latest technology and equipment, hire more physicians and improve our systems, patient and physician demand for Beebe services has increased. We think our plan is an innovative response to growth of the population, to expectations for excellent service provided in convenient locations, and the insurance companies’ requirements that we be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Beebe has been so fortunate over its 100+ year history to be able to count on the community not only for their support of our physicians, nurses, and other team members and the services they provide, but also for their financial support and investment in Beebe. This expansion will allow us to continue the legacy started by James and Richard Beebe when they built a two-room, three-bed hospital in 1916 to serve their growing community.

Jeffrey M. Fried, FACHE
President and CEO, Beebe Healthcare

PROJECT UPDATE [JUNE 15, 2018]: Due to anticipated changes in our community’s use of healthcare facilities and services, we have re-evaluated the scope of our expansion and decided to enhance and expand access to advanced medical technologies and outpatient services rather than proceeding with the construction of additional inpatient rooms on the Lewes Campus. To learn more about these changes, and how we’re continuing to make the next generation of care a reality in Sussex County, click here: