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Construction Begins on New Hybrid Operating Room in Lewes


Motorists and pedestrians may have noticed the construction happening in front of the Medical Center in downtown Lewes.

This construction is to build a new hybrid operating room and expanded cardiac cath an electrophysiology (EP) labs.

The current project, funded, in part, by generous donations from the community through Beebe Medical Foundation, will utilize existing space for a new 4,302-square-foot cardiac and vascular treatment area.

“This project will create a 1,434-square-foot space for a new hybrid operating room,” said Angel Aguilar, Director of Facilities at Beebe.

The project will also make room for the construction of a third cardiac cath and electrophysiology lab in a larger 2,565-square-foot space.

“It will also create additional 1,434-square-foot space on the first floor for a fourth cardiac cath lab, as well as future space for cardiac and vascular lab expansion,” Aguilar said.

The hybrid operating room will be the first of its kind in Sussex County.

“It is an exciting process that brings together our vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, radiologists, and support teams to build an operating room that will provide the latest in advanced imaging technology for vascular surgeons and allows patients to undergo both open surgery and endovascular or minimally invasive procedures in the same room,” said Rick Schaffner, Executive Vice President, Beebe Healthcare.

This surgical theater will offer the complex imaging equipment allows surgeons to have real-time access and visibility of peripheral arteries within the body, while they are working to repair or bypass blockages.

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