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New In Town: Q&A with Dr. Mark Facciolo

Mark Facciolo, DO, and his wife, Gina Facciolo, DO, moved to Lewes mid-way through 2017. As trained physicians, they were excited to start practicing and learn more about the community.

Mark, a general surgeon with a special interest in endocrine surgery, joined Beebe Medical Group’s General Surgery practice. Gina, a family medicine physician, joined Beebe Medical Group’s Family Practice at Beacon.

We caught up with Mark recently to find out more about his training, his current practice, and why he chose Beebe.

Q: Tell me about your background and why you decided to go into medicine.

A: I am a Delaware native and went to high school at Salesianum in Wilmington, then attended The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. to study Biology and Psychology. After that, I enrolled in medical school at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. I have a penchant for problem-solving and fine motor skills so surgery seemed like an obvious choice for me. I moved onto surgical training at Christiana Care Health System in Newark.

Even though I do not come from a medical family, I was fortunate to have numerous mentors in various aspects of medicine and surgery who helped guide and motivate me through my training. I pride myself in my affability and bedside manner, and combine that with up-to-date knowledge and practice guidelines, to provide the best care I can to my patients.

Q: Tell me about your surgical training and why you have a special interest in endocrine surgery.

A: During my surgical training, I was exposed to all aspects of surgery, but found the intricacies of the endocrine system fascinating. Endocrine disorders can sometimes present with vague or nonspecific symptoms, making diagnosis elusive. In addition, I liked that treatment of an endocrine disorder can result in a remarkable increase in the quality of life, which is truly rewarding and exciting.

In my practice, I offer procedures in all aspects of general surgery, using a minimally invasive technique whenever appropriate. In addition, I’m treating patients with endocrine disorders, including thyroid nodules, hypercalcemia secondary to parathyroid adenoma or hyperplasia, and functioning/nonfunctioning adrenal masses. As my practice expands, I hope to perform in-office ultrasound evaluation/screening and biopsy to unify and expedite the patient experience.

Q: Why did you and your wife decide to settle down in Lewes? What do you like about Beebe and the community here?

A: As a Delaware native, I’m thrilled to be living at the beach with my wife and son. I am an active outdoorsman, engaged in hunting and fishing. We are a young family and have really begun to nestle in the area.

The sense of community here is strong, and the easy-going nature of the staff at Beebe make it a wonderful place to work. I am excited to watch Beebe grow and be involved in the expansion planning. For me, the growth in surgical expertise is particularly exciting. The Specialty Surgical Hospital planned for the Beebe Health Campus on Route 24 near Rehoboth Beach will allow surgeons a great state-of-the-art location to provide surgical expertise and quality care for our patients.

I have enjoyed working with Beebe leaders so far and look forward to continuing to be included in the growth process.

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2018?

A: I look forward to expanding my office practice and the procedures we offer. The local surgeons have all teamed up with the hospital and I am thrilled about providing quality, unified care to our patients as a group.

The expansion of the Route 24 campus to bring the Specialty Surgical Hospital means more operating rooms and available time, which can mean less delay in the treatment of patients’ ailments. Combine that with the proposed overnight capabilities, we can expand the breadth of outpatient surgery we offer to our patients.

I am also excited for the future and the potential to add new technologies, like the DaVinci Robot, which illustrates to our community the commitment to state-of-the-art therapy both in what procedures are offered, as well as the practitioners who are recruited to the facility. As a young surgeon trained with some of these technologies, I look forward to incorporating them into my practice and offering them to my patients.

For more information on Dr. Facciolo and General Surgery at Beebe, go to If you are new to the area and are looking for a new physician, use the online Find a Doctor database: or call the Physician Referral Service at (302) 645-3332.