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Peaches Bowden-Ross: Together We Thrive

Peaches Bowden-Ross


For Andrea "Peaches" Bowden-Ross, a phlebotomist with Beebe Lab Express, the thing she noticed that changed the most during the pandemic was the human-to-human contact.

"In the lab, we often get the same clients coming in each week. We become like a family to them. We like to hug or give handshakes. We share our stories with them," she said. "Since COVID hit, some of our patients aren't coming in as much. And, with our protective gear - mask, goggles, shields - on, it isn't the same experience. We are all working together to figure it out and I want to keep them safe.

Peaches at home

"Now we just find new ways to share our stories and experiences. We talk louder because of the masks. We smile with our eyes. It is a different experience but it's also good for all of us because we want to prevent the spread.

"I hope things get more normal soon, but I think we will have this new normal for quite awhile."