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Dr. Peri Honored

Dr. Srihari Peri Honored for Years of Service to Tunnell Cancer Center

The medical staff of Beebe Healthcare and the Beebe Medical Foundation recently recognized Dr. Srihari Peri for his years of faithful service to Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center and his philanthropic support of Beebe Medical Foundation. Dr. Paul Peet, president of the medical staff, commended Peri “for his gentle and humble leadership which is reflected by the love his patients and their families have for him.”

Peri was presented with a framed photograph of the Tunnell Cancer at the Rehoboth Health Campus. Jeffrey Fried, president and CEO of Beebe Healthcare, said, “Dr. Peri has been the guiding force and vision for our cancer center since it was founded, growing from a small team of two people in a small office building on Savannah Road to a team of over 200 at the current Tunnell Cancer Center.”

Judy Aliquo, president and CEO of Beebe Medical Foundation, and Thomas Protack, vice president of development, presented Peri with a ceremonial golf pin flag embroidered with logos of the four golf tournaments that directly support the Tunnell Cancer Center. Protack said, “Dr. Peri is a loyal and strong supporter of the foundation, and every year played in the golf outings and sponsored the beverage cart, so it is our honor today to thank him and name him beverage cart sponsor emeritus.”

Peri said, “I am grateful and humbled to serve the patients and families of the Tunnell Cancer Center. I am grateful to my wife Rama and the strong team at the cancer center. Working together as a team of clinicians with leadership is the key to building a successful program. I have been honored to serve and know it is time to now enjoy some more quality time with my family and friends.”