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Four Reasons You Should Volunteer


It’s common knowledge that charitable contributions can help you receive a tax break. But giving your time and talents through volunteering has benefits that go far beyond tax numbers.

Volunteering can give you a sense of purpose—it enables you to express your concern for an issue that’s important to you. And volunteering can look like all sorts of roles and responsibilities, from helping guests and visitors feel welcome at Beebe Healthcare, to contributing to your professional skills, to aiding a non-profit organization free of charge.

Consider these four reasons for becoming a volunteer, no matter the capacity:

  1. Feel happier. Gain a sense of satisfaction from making a contribution and improving a community. Some studies show relationships between people who volunteer and having greater functional abilities and lower rates of depression later in life than those who don’t.
  2. Stay active. Volunteering often requires you to use your mind, body, and social skills. You’ll meet new people and feel a sense of purpose. Doing activities you enjoy—including volunteering—can help you age well.
  3. Support your community. Many of your local community organizations, including hospitals, museums, social services, and religious organizations, depend on volunteers and donations to meet their goals.
  4. Stay healthy. Studies show that volunteering can help with stress and depression from the death of a spouse. People who participated in volunteer activities felt more positive about their personal abilities among people who experienced a loss. Another study examined the connection between pursuing meaningful activities, such as volunteering, to lower an adult's risk of developing disability, dependency, and dementia later in life.

Want to feel the benefits of staying active? Join us! Become a volunteer at Beebe Healthcare.