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Forward Pass: The First Line of Your Women's Health Offense

Nurse navigators like Carrie Snyder serve as patient care quarterbacks who can play a key role in driving your women's health journey.

It can be challenging to decide on the next steps to take, and with so many players on the field, the options can seem overwhelming at times. Where do you go, who do you talk to, and how do you make sure you get the care you need?

That’s where Carrie Snyder, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, Beebe Healthcare's Nurse Navigator for Women's Health, as well as Cardiac & Vascular, and Orthopaedic services—steps in. Along with Debbie Campbell, the Cancer Screening Nurse Navigator, and Kathy Cook, the Breast Health Program Nurse Navigator, she’s one of three nurse navigators who can help guide your healthcare journey.


What is a Nurse Navigator?

A nurse navigator is the person you call whether you’re new to the community and looking for a particular physician or you’re experiencing symptoms but aren't sure what practice to visit. They are your first point of contact. When you call a Beebe Healthcare nurse navigator, you are greeted with a helpful voice and an experienced guide who can connect you with the right departments and answer your questions. For women's health, that person is Carrie Snyder.

Last year, Beebe Healthcare hired Carrie to serve as a nurse navigator for the Sussex community. Carrie's role was the vision of the Executive Director of Women’s Health and the Director of Orthopaedics at Beebe, who saw the value of having someone who could connect with the patients. One of the most valuable players on your healthcare team, Carrie works to make sure you have all the information you need.

As a nurse practitioner, Carrie brings a decade of healthcare experience to her role. “Sometimes you wonder why you’re put in certain positions, and then you realize that they’re all to learn from and make you better at the job that you’re doing,” Carrie says. “I find it exciting because other hospitals are using nurse navigators but not to this extent; not at a higher level for all the service lines— that's why the model here at Beebe is so innovative.”


Motivation and Dedication

When it comes to Carrie’s commitment to patients, communication is her focus. Sometimes it can be difficult for patients to find the information they need. Carrie is able to step in and advise them on the available resources. She can also ask those tricky questions that patients may have a hard time articulating.

There’s no hiding the affection Carrie has for her patients—in fact, it’s those initial interactions that fuel and motivate her day-to-day. Most patients meet Carrie when they are frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed. She is able to listen to their concerns and ease those feelings of anxiety. This nurse navigator is the ultimate patient advocate and helping hand.

Contact Carrie with your healthcare questions: Call (844) 316-3330 or email [email protected]