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Just As I Am: Take Time to Create

Taking the time to create is taking time to get you know You… the Authentic You. When I refer to the Authentic You, I mean ALL parts of you: the light, the dark, and everything in between. Yes, that can be scary. It can feel very uncomfortable as you expose your raw and naked heart. For years, I would admire others’ work of creativity and think to myself “I’m not creative.” Sound familiar? It was not until recently that I realized that that is not true. I now know that I AM creative and so are YOU! We all are.

What is your art?

I’m not sure our true form of art is a choice or something that we can find. I do feel that it is something that is within; and instead of looking outside ourselves to discover our art, it’s a process of giving ourselves permission to feel. Maybe art is a process of feeling, not doing. It really is trial and error, and maybe our art looks different day to day. Some days I like to sing, some days I feel like drawing, some days I like to dance… I rarely enjoy cooking because I never thought I was “good” at it, but some days I allow my curiosity to guide me and do a little creating in the kitchen. Cooking is a HUGE fear of mine!

What is your passion?

I was at dinner a few weeks ago with a group of friends. For some of us, it was the first time meeting one another. So instead of asking the question, “So… what do you do?”, one of my friends asked, “What is your passion?” I loved it! It really gave me an opportunity to pause, check in, and reflect; and that space allowed me to realize what my true art is. My art is movement; but not just movement. My art is integrating mindfulness and awareness through movement… it’s not just doing through movement… it’s FEELING through movement.

Why create?

Because to create is to give yourself permission to be completely human; and when you give yourself permission to be human, you give others permission to be human as well.

What if nobody likes it? Does it really matter?

Below is something that recently surfaced. Part of my practice is picking up my guitar, playing a few simple chords and while strumming just allowing what feels like surfacing to come out. I’ll play and sing while recording on my iPhone; it’s kind of like a form of audio journaling. I let it flow. There’s no editing. Whatever comes up, comes up, and it is what it is. It becomes a practice of acceptance. I shared this with a colleague and spiritual guide of mine; and she took the time to type the words. I am grateful that she took the time to do that; and I would like to share with you.

"Just Love Deeper Today"
Can I soften a little more
With every out breath
Just feel life moving through me and you
There's so much inside of us
Can I give myself permission to pause
And feel life within me
This shared humanity
Can I connect
Give time to reflect
As the climb gets steeper
Can I love deeper with every heartbeat
Feel the music in my chest
Can I have the strength to show up every day and do my best
Even when I hurt inside
Even when my heart wants to cry
Can I allow it to let go
And let those tears flow
Can I let my pain help me to
connect with you
No separation
Can we come together as one united nation
What do we do from here
Can we make choices on love and not fear
Can we love each other
Starting with ourselves
Can we forgive ourselves
Choose love always
Don’t let fear get in the way
We're okay
We got this
Just love deeper

May you take time to create! Your authentic you awaits!

Raylen Williams

Raylen Williams

Raylen Williams is a Health Coach with Beebe Wellness and Beebe HealthyBack, programs under Beebe Physical Rehabilitation Services.