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It’s A Woman Thing: Bounce Back from the Holidays!

The “most wonderful time of the year” can actually be overwhelming for many of us!  Juggling the shopping, wrapping, baking, and celebrating can leave you feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Throw a few kids into the mix and it’s easy to find difficulty in feeling “holly jolly!”

The holidays, filled with all of the celebrations, can also be filled with many indulgences. The delicious baked goods and all of the sugar they contain, coupled with the calorie rich foods and non-nutritive alcoholic beverages can leave us feeling, depleted, dehydrated, weaken our immune system, and cause weight gain!  YUK!  So stay hydrated, take a multivitamin, go walk the dog and get some good sleep!

Ring in the New Year

The New Year also brings with it the promise of new beginnings.  Many of us are in the habit of coming up with a mile long wish list of all the things we want to accomplish and then reach this point in time the following year and wonder what we did wrong.  Why didn’t I accomplish all of that?? We set ourselves up for failure before the New Year even starts.  If it hasn’t’ worked for you in the past, chances are it’s not going to work for you this year.  Make your resolution a plan to do it simpler this year.

Most people list health and wellness goals among their New Year resolutions.  I challenge you to prioritize your health and wellness goals and keep them simple.  Adopting one good habit will lead to more good habits and soon you have a health and wellness win!  It could be as simple as making a promise to take a long walk on New Year’s Day!  We are blessed to live where we do and walking the boardwalk or on one of the many trails can do wonders to your overall sense of well-being.  That one walk can lead to many more walks, leave you feeling great and do wonders for your overall health and wellness.  I’m still working on 10,000 steps per day and my resolution is to keep going!

I recently read an article and the author suggested that as part of health and wellness goals for the New Year, a simple suggestion would be to drink one green drink per day.  Rev up the blender, throw in some green apples or pineapple, spinach or kale, anything green and voila!  A green drink that is good for you!

The secret to a resolution for health and wellness in the New Year is to keep it simple.  No self-punishment for overdoing it over the holidays, no negative self-talk.  Just set a small, attainable goal or habit.  Keep your mind open, be good to yourself and remember that good habits lead to more good habits!  Let’s meet here next year and talk about your success!  Happy New Year!


Bridget Buckaloo

Bridget Buckaloo

Bridget Buckaloo, MSN, is Executive Director of Women's Health Services at Beebe Healthcare.