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Just As I Am: You Are Enough

You are enough.

You were born enough.

And although everything changes,

You will ALWAYS be enough.


Silence the Critic

The words above are simply a gentle reminder to myself as I sensed my inner critic begin to surface recently.  I have developed a habit of running away to try and avoid listening to that inner critic. But what I’m discovering in my own process, is that running away just seems to strengthen its power.  So I’ve decided to set an intention: “I want to be gentle when my inner critic bubbles up.”

I’ve decided to even give her a name: Shamé.  Sometimes, I’m not even aware that Shamé is here hiding in darkness, but naming my inner critic helps me recognize her sooner.  As I continue to take the time to pause and get to know Shamé, I am discovering that all she really wants is some love and attention.   To ignore Shamé is to ignore a part of me, and I no longer want to ignore me.  I want to have the courage to get to know and befriend all parts of me.  By practicing gentleness towards Shamé, I am practicing loving-kindness to myself; and the more patient and gentle I can be with myself, the more patient and gentle I can be to all beings.

An invitation: I invite you to explore this notion of gentleness towards yourself.  How would gentleness toward someone or some being (like a pet) look or feel like for you?  How would it look and feel like to extend that same gentleness towards all parts of you?

I decided to embody my intention of gentleness by writing a short letter to Shamé.


Dear Shamé,

You are a part of me, but you are not me.  I realize that you are just trying to do your job and protect me.  At this moment, I am safe.  I am enough.  I am.  Thank you.

With unconditional love,



How do you choose to embody your intention of gentleness towards yourself and others?  What are the felt sensations in your body that you notice as you practice?

And in case you’ve already forgotten, you are worth it.  You are enough.


Raylen Williams

Raylen Williams

Raylen Williams is a Health Coach with Beebe Wellness and Beebe HealthyBack, programs under Beebe Physical Rehabilitation Services.