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Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus Gets a New Look

Beebe Healthcare’s Lewes campus is evolving so stay up-to-date on what you’ll see in the future.

As the signs of spring begin to brighten Lewes, so too does the transformation of Beebe Healthcare’s Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus.

The swift demolition of the white medical office buildings on the corner of Savannah Road and Fourth Street in February is one of the most noticeable steps toward Beebe’s renovation of the campus.

But it’s not the only change you’ll see. Slated to start in mid-April, major renovations will occur to the west entrance near the parking garage.

These upgrades are paving the way for the Lewes Campus’ new front door – which means an overall better patient and visitor experience.

Thanks to the transformational $10 million gift from the Ma-Ran Foundation, patients, visitors, and community members will see a more defined main entrance with a new lobby near the parking garage, a new look at the hospital’s east entrance that includes more green space and parking, and renovation of patient rooms.

“The goal of the Rollins family’s transformative gift was to improve the experience at the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus,” said Rick Schaffner, Interim CEO, Executive Vice President and COO.

“It will allow us to have a formal front door to the organization that is closer to the majority of our public parking. The new lobby will allow the creation of a more direct entrance once patients and families have entered the building. The improvements on the Fourth Street side of the campus will create additional parking, but more importantly will allow a more graceful transition between our facilities and the City of Lewes.”

It’s all part of the Creating the Next Generation of Care services and facilities expansion that includes more than just upgrades to the entrances.

All Lewes campus renovations include:

  • Construction of a Hybrid Operating Room and an Electrophysiology Lab
  • The remodeling of rooms to create a more private stay for patients
  • Extra parking and green space for a scenic view

During the transformation, patients, and visitors don’t need to worry, a friendly Beebe team member will be stationed at both entrances to help you get to your destination after parking. Valet parking will be temporarily moved to our east entrance near our emergency department. Stay up to date with all the Lewes Campus news on this web page.

Once the project is complete around January 2020, the new west entrance will feature a more defined main entrance, a more visible drop-off and pick-up area and a new canopy.

Along with the Rollins family’s foundation, Beebe Medical Foundation is contributing a critical role in raising funds to assist in the Creating Next Generation of Care expansion as part of its I Believe in Beebe campaign.

The practices held in the building that was on Savannah Road and Fourth Street have been moved.

Beebe Cardiac Surgery now sees patients at 431 Savannah Road, Suite B. Beebe Pulmonary Associates and Beebe Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease are now seeing patients at 1535 Savannah Road. They occupy the offices in the front of the building, opposite Beebe Women’s Healthcare – Bayside.

For more information on these practices, go to

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