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Noshing & Nixing the Habit

According to the American Heart Association, food can play a crucial role in curbing those pesky cravings more than you might think. The sensation of feeling full can make your body less likely to desire a cigarette, and you can realign your body’s craving by substituting cigarettes with foods full of flavor.


So What Should You Eat? 

A lot of people who give up smoking end up craving sweets, so here are some healthy options to keep you happy and healthy during the ups and downs of quitting: 

+ Frozen bananas and grapes

Juice bars

+ Nonfat frozen yogurt

Also, be sure to have an emergency food fund with a few snack “substitutes” with you at all times for when you feel a craving coming on. These foods can quickly take the place of a cigarette when your mouth feels “empty:” 

Celery and carrots

Sugar-free gum

Sugar-free hard candy

Breath mints

It’s important to eat a nutritious and balanced diet when you are quitting to help maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day. Drops in blood sugar can lead to an increased desire to smoke. 

Beebe offers free smoking cessation counseling. To learn about screening criteria, call our cancer screening nurse navigator at (302) 645-3169 or learn more about why you should quit smoking here.